Sounds from Santa Fe – Santa Fe Desert Chorale

Music of Britten, Bernstein, Williamson, Fine and Vaughan Williams

Santa Fe Desert Chorale

Irving Fine: The Hour Glass

Oh, Know To End As To Begin 03:17
Have you seen but a bright lily grow 02:03
Oh, Do Not Wanton With Those Eyes 01:12
Against Jealousy 03:07
Lament 02:09
The Hour Glass 02:18

Leonard Bernstein and Lillian Hellman: The Lark
Part One - French Choruses: Spring Song 02:07
Part One - French Choruses: Court Song 01:13
Part One - French Choruses: Soldier's Song 00:57
Part Two - Latin Choruses: Prelude 02:08
Part Two - Latin Choruses: Benedictus 01:21
Part Two - Latin Choruses: Sanctus 01:06
Part Two - Latin Choruses: Requiem 01:06
Part Two - Latin Choruses 01:35

Malcolm Williamson: Symphony for Voices
Invocation 03:22
Terra Australis 02:45
Jesus 02:10
Envoi 01:48
New Guinea 04:45

Benjamin Britten: Five Flower Songs
To Daffodils 01:58
The Succession of the Four Sweet Months 01:56
Marsh Flowers 02:01
The Evening Primrose 02:35
Ballad of Green Broom 02:00

Vaughan Williams: The Lover's Ghost 03:47