Purcell: Excerpts from The Fairy Queen; Odes and Elegies for Queen Mary – New York Early Music Ensemble

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Henry Purcell
( 1659-1695)

Julianne Baird, Soprano
James Bowman, Peter Becker, Countertenors
Stephen Sturck, Tenor
Wilbur Pauley, Bass
New York Ensemble for Early Music's Grande Bande (Period Instruments)
Frederick Renz, Director

Suite from The Fairy Queen

  1. Act III: Symphony while the Swans come forward - Dance for the Fairies - Dance for the Green Men - Dialogue - Dance for the Haymakers

2. Three Songs, Act II: See, even Night herself is here - I am come to lock all fast - Hush, no more

3. Act I: Prelude - Hornpipe - Air - Rondeau - Jig

4. Two Songs, Act II: Here's the Summer, sprightly, gay - Now Winter comes slowly

5. Act V: Symphony - Hark! The echoing air - Chaconne - They shall be as happy


Odes and Elegies for Queen Mary

Come Ye Sons of Art
Birthday Ode for Queen Mary, 1694

New York Ensemble for Early Music's Grande Bande, Frederick Renz, conductor

Julianne Baird, Wilbur Pauley, Peter Becker - vocalists

6 Overture
7 Song & Chorus: Come ye sons of Art
8 Duet: Sound the trumpet
9 Symphony and Chorus
10 Song: Strike the viol
11 Song & Chorus: The day that such a blessing gave
12 Song: Bid the Virtues
13 Song: These are the sacred charms
14 Duet & Chorus: See Nature rejoicing

15. An Ode to the Queen: High on a throne of glitt'ring ore

Julianne Baird, Wilbur Pauley, Frederick Renz (harpsichord), Wendy Gillespie (bass viol)

16. O Dive custos Auriacae Demus

Peter Becker, James Bowman, Frederick Renz (harpsichord), Christina Mahler (violoncello)