Harrison: Suite From The “Marriage At The Eiffel Tower” – Dennis Russell Davies, Brooklyn Philharmonic

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New First Suite For Strings

I. Fantasia - Allegro Moderato 04:26
II. Chorale - Adagio Cantabile 03:00
III. Round Dance - Allegro (Vigoroso) 02:33
IV. Threnody - Poco Lento, Affetuoso 03:50
V. Chaconne - Medium Slow 05:17

Brooklyn Philharmonic

Dennis Russell Davies, conductor


Vestiunt Silve For Mezzo, Flute, 2 Viole And Harp 03:51

Flute – Timothy Malosh
Harp – Karen Lindquist

Mezzo-soprano – Emily Golden

Viola – Janet Lyman Hill, Sarah Adams


Gending Chelsea For Gamelan 10:43

Lou Harrison Gamelan Ensemble


Sanctus For Contralto And Piano 06:46

Piano – Dennis Russell Davies

Soprano Vocals – Renate Gola


Suite From The "Marriage At The Eiffel Tower"

Lou Harrison, narrator

Virgil Thomson, narrator

Brooklyn Philharmonic

Dennis Russell Davies, conductor

Overture - Fast 02:45
March For The Marriage Of Frank And Anne Wigglesworth - Slow 02:42
Waltz - Fast Waltz Tempo, But Not Too Fast 01:43
Speech By The General - March, "Marsailles-Like" 01:22
Blues For The Trouville Bathing Beauty - Slow Blues Style 03:36
Funeral Of The General - Slow, Grand, Solemn, With A Touch Of Mockery 02:25
Quadrille - The Actual Polka Tempo 01:43