Copland: Dance Panels – Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Dennis Russell Davies

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Dance Panels

I. Introduction: Moderato 04:47
II. Allegretto Con Tenerezza 05:07
III. Scherzando 03:15
IV. Pas De Trois 05:14
V. Con Brio 03:35
VI. Con Moto 01:56
VII. Molto Ritmico 05:14

Eight Poems Of Emily Dickinson

Helene Schneiderman, mezzo soprano

Nature, The Gentlest Mother 04:20
There Came A Wind Like A Bugle 01:35
The World Feels Dusty 01:54
Heart, We Will Forget Him 02:22
Dear March, Come In! 02:21
Sleep Is Supposed To Be 02:42
Going To Heaven! 03:03
The Chariot 03:22

Short Symphony

I 04:41
II 05:25
III 05:54